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World Leader in Data Acquisition Products

Since 1970, DATEL has been a worldwide leader in providing high precision data acquisition components, including data converters, power supplies and DC-DC converters. Our Data Acquisition products have been recognized for their innovation and reliability in meeting the requirements of the most demanding of application Our standard products include many of the popular devices compliant to DSCC/DLA drawings. In addition to developing a comprehensive offering of Standard Products, from Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converters, DC-DC Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Data Acquisition Systems, and Image Processors to Sample-Holds, our engineering team can also design modified products and custom solutions to meet your specific needs. DATEL products are ideal suited for major global markets including military, aerospace, telecommunications, imaging, medical, scientific and high-rel industries.

Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)

We have the solution to your Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) component problems. DATEL has the design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide alternative solutions to on-going and mature defense and aerospace programs which suffer from Diminishing Supplier-Base issues.

DATEL Specializes in Replacing and Enhancing Obsolete, End-Of-Life and Legacy Microcircuits

TFR Railway Series, Up to 10 Watt 24-pin DIP Railway DC-DC Converters with 43 to 160 Volts Ultra-Wide Input Range

AA Series DC-DC Converters Supplies Up to 40 Watt in a 1" x 1" Package with Ultra-Wide Vin.

DATEL, Inc. is a leading supplier of High Precision Data Acquisition Components and DC to DC converters. Our leadership status in high-performance data acquisition components is unchallenged, driven in large part by our engineering expertise to develop solutions with outstanding electrical performance, small packaging, low power consumption and ease of use. These products employ five basic technologies: monolithic IC, thin-film hybrid, thick-film hybrid, SMT technologies and discrete component circuit. DATEL's DC DC converter product line includes non-isolated point-of-loads dc/dc, switching regulators as well as a complete line of industry standard brick packages (Sixteenth-Brick, Eighth-Brick, Quarter-Brick, Half-Brick and Full-Brick).