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Since 1970, DATEL Data Acquisition products have been recognized for their innovation and reliability in meeting the requirements of the most demanding of applications. Our standard products include many of the popular devices compliant to DSCC/DLA drawings. In addition to developing a comprehensive offering of standard products, from Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Data Acquisition Systems, and Image Processors to Sample-Holds, our engineering team can also design modified products and custom solutions to meet the specific needs of leading customers in the imaging, medical, scientific and high-rel industries.  
ADS-429, 12-Bit, 8-Channels,
Low Power Analog-to-Digital Converter ADS-429 : Low Power Analog-to-Digital Converter
alternate textThe DATEL product line has been enhanced with many new precision data conversion components. This addition complements DATEL's traditional multi-chip modules by offering lower-cost, industry-standard devices; featuring resolution to 24 Bits and speeds to 500MHz. In keeping with the company's history, these products can be offered with full testing to guarantee performance over several temperature ranges.

LVR-7815 Positive Linear Voltage Regulator
Tested Performance from − 55 to +125°C LVR-7815: Positive Linear Voltage Regulators For All Military, Aerospace, Harsh, and Demanding Applications